You’ve just purchased the Tiny Nugget Slim Line (SL), a Fraz Labs pressure-based variable brightness flashlight. Below are a few things that you should know about the operation of this light.

  • Always insert battery with the negative (-) end at the bottom of the battery tube. The positive end (+) will face toward the lens of the flashlight.
  • Twist the light to operate. The more you twist, the brighter it gets. Do not over tighten. Always make sure the light is completely off when not in use.
  • Do not shine flashlight into anyone’s eyes. 
  • For single cell battery use only – do not use multiple cells, as it will exceed the recommend voltage for the LED,  killing the emitter and/or cause a short.

Details of the light:

  • The Tiny Nugget SL uses a pressure-based system integrated with a smart material instead of traditional potted electronics. This allows the user to have control of the brightness of the flashlight while enjoying greater durability with the absence of a fragile electronic circuit board driver. However, because this light functions in a mechanical way instead of using an electrical driver to control the ramping, there may be slight flickering while changing brightness levels. This is normal.

  • The pressure sensitive smart material is user replaceable. Simply tap the engine on a hard, non breakable surface to free the piston and access the pill. We strongly recommend a wooden table or board as to not damage the surface finish of the light itself.

  • USAGE: The light operates by twisting. Tighten the light to brighten it, loosen it to dim.

  • NOTICE: Always make sure the light is completely off after use. It is possible to get levels of brightness not noticeable unless looking directly at the LED bulb. Letting the battery completely drain may cause damage to the battery, so make sure it never gets fully discharged.

  • CAUTION: The Tiny Nugget SL will become VERY HOT if left on full brightness for extended periods of time. This is not recommended. Also, never look directly into the beam of the light. It is VERY bright on high levels.

  • There is an included square of fabric in this kit. This is meant to be used for lubrication on the lip of the battery tube (where the piston makes contact). Apply a very small amount if there is a grinding feeling.

  • Due to the pressure from the piston traveling over the top of the battery tube, you may notice a shallow groove start to form after the initial break-in period. This is normal and will not in any way affect the functionality of the flashlight.

  • The Tiny Nugget SL flashlight, as well as the packaging, was developed and manufactured in Arkansas. We truly hope that you enjoy this flashlight. If you have any problems or questions, please don’t hesitate to send us a message. This light was made to outlive us all, and we mean it. 

Thanks so much for your purchase, from both of us here at Fraz Labs