Q – Why are you always out of stock?

     There are only two of us running this show – all the designing, machining, anodizing, and assembly is done in house by us. We only make a limited number of flashlights at a time, and they sell quickly. Be sure to sign up for the in-stock notification so you won’t miss out! 

Q- I bought a Fraz Labs flashlight off another individual, does the warranty transfer?

     We don’t care where you got the light, it’s covered. We also offer a general tune-up service for those of you buying one used, just send it to us and we will restore it for free. 

Q- How many lumens are your flashlights?

     The current models haven’t been officially tested, but our original Qzark was rated at 1100 lumens back in 2015. 

Q-  Do I need to use protected / unprotected cells?

     It shouldn’t matter at all, but battery length may cause damage in older models. Please consult original listings for each light for answers on exact battery dimensions.