Complex Parts,
Simple Function

Our light is the very first ever created that utilizes a mechanical system to control brightness levels, as well as a truly wireless system.

No Electronics. No Wires.

Designed and Manufactured in Arkansas.

A fully adjustable solid state flashlight with no wires, no PCB boards, no drivers, and no planned obsolescence.

Going against the current trend, this light was designed with less bells and whistles- no strobe, no SOS, no drivers, no wires, and no PCB boards. It is simple, rugged, reliable, and compact. The user interfaces only consists of one thing- twist for any level of brightness needed for the job at hand.

This flashlight was designed to be a workhorse with a minimal design. Nearly all of the components are machined right here in Arkansas by both of us here at Fraz Labs. There are no printed circuit boards, no extra pieces. Simply twist to turn on and off, with every possible brightness in between.

Overbuilt in some regard, this light is heavy for its size with a very small footprint. Built around a conductive polymer that acts as a variable resistor, this is a very unique system that isn’t featured in any other flashlight- a patented non-battery crush design that utilizes a piston system to regulate amperage, creating infinite modes of brightness. Because this light functions in a mechanical way instead of using an electrical driver to control the ramping, there may be slight flickering while changing brightness levels.

We haven’t had them officially tested, but depending on the battery and the emitter these little beasts are around 1000 lumens. There are only four points for water entry, all sealed with an o-ring.


Made in the United States. Made to outlive us all.