Complex Parts,
Simple Function

Our light is the very first ever created that utilizes a mechanical system to control brightness levels, as well as a non-potted wireless system.

No marketing mumbo-jumbo.

This light is tough.

Our very own wireless engine.
Our very own wireless flashlight engine.

We could brag about all the ways this light is different from any other flashlight, explaining to you how our lack of soldered wires, traditional drivers, and potted electronics make it stand out among a crowd.


Carefully telling how our team of two eliminated unnecessary parts in order to make one solid workhorse of a light, one that will never suffer from the ‘planned obsolescence’ plagued by so many products, we could offer a nice graphic of our patented piston system which allows the QTC to take just enough force to work but not enough to take any over-compression or shearing pressure.


We could link a video illustrating how to easily change out the 16mm LED with a pair of pliers and an Allen wrench, or boasting about how the user interface is so easy, even Great-Aunt Erma could figure it out – simply twist for any level of brightness needed to complete the job. Never get stuck on strobe or SOS mode again!


Look Ma, no wires!

We could spin a scene of the two of us working tirelessly over the last decade to bring a flashlight to market made right here in Arkansas, but we are the type who believe ‘springs’ are simply springs and not wires, so what do we know? 

Since we are makers and not marketing people, I’ll keep it simple for those pedantic types – this light is guaranteed for life. If you’re being chased by a monster up the stairs (or reading about it under the covers), our light will work. You aren’t going to break it under normal use. You aren’t going to break it by using it as a golf tee. We’ve tried. If you do manage, we will give you an ‘atta boy’ while we fix it. It’s that simple. 

Made in the United States. Made to outlive us all.

Proudly made in Arkansas.