Gold Nugget

A brass beauty, in matte or shiny finish.


A fully adjustable solid state flashlight with no soldered wires, no potted electronics, no drivers, and no planned obsolescence.

Product details

Body Material – 360 Brass

Coating – None

Bezel Diameter – 1.3″

Waterproof – Yes

Emitter – Samsung 351D

Optic – Carclo 26.5mm

Battery Type – 18350

NOTE- there are certain battery lengths which shouldn’t be exceeded for optimal performance. If using a 18350 battery, it must be no longer than 1.39″ long.

Measurements are as follows:

Gold Nugget 18350 – 3.05″ long

        Weight without battery – 7.2oz

Included in purchase – Gold Nugget flashlight, box, lubrication square.

Note – Battery, while necessary for function, is NOT included.

Due to the raw nature of the brass, oxidation may occur during transit. 

For instructions on how to use the Gold Nugget, please click here.


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