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QT-L Nugget

The ABSOLUTE smallest flashlight we currently make featuring a 26.5mm optic.


The absolute slimmest flashlight we make, with a totally redesigned engine, this is the perfect pocket carry for those who want a light made to last (and made in the USA) . 

Please note – If used on direct drive (bypassing the QTC) for a long period of time, this flashlight will get VERY hot. DO NOT LEAVE UNATTENDED ON DIRECT DRIVE. 


A fully adjustable solid state flashlight with no wires, no PCB boards, no drivers, and no planned obsolescence.

Product details

Body Material – Aluminum 6061

Coating – Anodized (Natural Color)

Bezel Diameter – 1.21″

Weight Without Battery – To Be Determined 

Waterproof – Yes

Emitter – Luminus SST-20 | Samsung 351D

Optic – Carclo 26.5mm

Battery Type – 18350 | 18500 | 18650 | 21700


Included in purchase – flashlight, box, lubrication square

Note – Battery, while necessary for function, is NOT included.

For instructions on how to use the Tiny Nugget QT, click here.

Both protected and unprotected cells can be used as long as the battery is sticking 1/8″ above the lip. When pushing the battery down in the tube, it should start 1/8″ from the lip of the tube at the tallest point. Any taller that 1/8″ may cause serious damage to the battery. 

Spare Parts

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  1. I’m loving the light, although the TIR beam isn’t as symmetrical as I would like. I’m looking forward to trying out some different emitters!

  2. It really really needs a pocket clip of some kind

  3. The design quality, engineering, and performance all superb.
    I wanted to love my peak for years…
    The light you guys built performs like I wish the peak did 🙂
    Seriously awesome innovations on the design.
    With the battery maintaining it’s own pressure via spring,
    and not driving the force continuum on the QTC,
    the sub-lumen lows are actually consistent,
    unlike the peak which flickers in and out at the low end,
    because the battery drives the pressure.
    The sub-lumen low end transitions are even smooth.
    The whole continuum is smooth really.
    The consistent lows are lower than my zebralight,
    which I wish was true for the peak.
    The color seems to be a solid even neutral,
    and the beam angle is a pretty good balance.
    It works beautifully with the batteries recommended on the site.
    Battery length does appear to matter (I tried one too long).

    I have so far tried it out on my bike handlebar mount, helmet mount, barrel mount, and on my hat bill (via a big flashlight mount screwed onto the top of the bill), as well as attached to my 6-foot spear via the barrel mount (I’m a regular night hiker in various big-cat and bear areas), plus of course just bangin around the farm at night in-hand.

    If I buy any more flashlights in the next years, it’ll just be more of these for my wife and kids, lol 🙂

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