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QT-L Nugget

The ABSOLUTE smallest flashlight we currently make.


The absolute slimmest flashlight we make, with a totally redesigned engine, this is the perfect pocket carry for those who want a light made to last (and made in the USA) . 

Please note – If used on direct drive (bypassing the QTC) for a long period of time, this flashlight will get VERY hot. DO NOT LEAVE UNATTENDED ON DIRECT DRIVE. 


A fully adjustable solid state flashlight with no wires, no PCB boards, no drivers, and no planned obsolescence.

Product details

Body Material – Aluminum 6061

Coating – Anodized (Natural Color)

Bezel Diameter – 1.21″

Weight Without Battery – To Be Determined 

Waterproof – Yes

Emitter – Luminus SST-20 | Samsung 351D

Optic – Carclo 26.5mm

Battery Type – 18650

NOTE- there are certain battery lengths which shouldn’t be exceeded for optimal performance. When using an 18650 battery, it must be no longer than 2.57″ long. 

Included in purchase – flashlight, box, lubrication square

Note – Battery, while necessary for function, is NOT included.

For instructions on how to use the Tiny Nugget QT, click here.

Spare Parts

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  1. I’m loving the light, although the TIR beam isn’t as symmetrical as I would like. I’m looking forward to trying out some different emitters!

  2. It really really needs a pocket clip of some kind

  3. The design quality, engineering, and performance all superb.
    I wanted to love my peak for years…
    The light you guys built performs like I wish the peak did 🙂
    Seriously awesome innovations on the design.
    With the battery maintaining it’s own pressure via spring,
    and not driving the force continuum on the QTC,
    the sub-lumen lows are actually consistent,
    unlike the peak which flickers in and out at the low end,
    because the battery drives the pressure.
    The sub-lumen low end transitions are even smooth.
    The whole continuum is smooth really.
    The consistent lows are lower than my zebralight,
    which I wish was true for the peak.
    The color seems to be a solid even neutral,
    and the beam angle is a pretty good balance.
    It works beautifully with the batteries recommended on the site.
    Battery length does appear to matter (I tried one too long).

    I have so far tried it out on my bike handlebar mount, helmet mount, barrel mount, and on my hat bill (via a big flashlight mount screwed onto the top of the bill), as well as attached to my 6-foot spear via the barrel mount (I’m a regular night hiker in various big-cat and bear areas), plus of course just bangin around the farm at night in-hand.

    If I buy any more flashlights in the next years, it’ll just be more of these for my wife and kids, lol 🙂

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