Tiny Nugget QT – The Bold and Brassy

The ABSOLUTE smallest flashlight we currently make, custom anodized by Felicia.


This is a prototype 18350 QT Nugget that was splash anodized by Felicia. The colors are Navy Blue, Pale Pink, and Gold. The engraving on the top lip of the bezel reads “Fraz Labs QT Nugget 004”, as this was a prototype of both the bezel function as well as the engraving. The battery tube is made of bead blasted brass 360 and is engraved with “Fraz Labs Tiny Nugget QT”.  The brass battery tube will be bead blasted unless otherwise specified in order to mask light scratches from shelf wear (as well as a drop dink on the corner of the battery tube).  


The absolute slimmest flashlight we make, with a totally redesigned engine, this is the perfect pocket carry for those who want a light made to last (and made in the USA) .

Extra flair will be included. If you have any questions, feel free to ask, as this is a first for all of us. 

Please note – If used on direct drive for a long period of time, this flashlight will get VERY hot.


A fully adjustable solid state flashlight with no wires, no PCB boards, no drivers, and no planned obsolescence.

Product details

Body Material – Aluminum 6061, Brass 360

Coating – Anodized

Bezel Diameter – 1.215″

Total Length – 2.85″

Weight Without Battery – To Be Determined 

Waterproof – Yes

Emitter – Samsung 351D 5000K

Optic – Carclo 20mm

Battery Type – 18350

NOTE- there are certain battery lengths which shouldn’t be exceeded for optimal performance. When using an 18350 battery, it must be no longer than 1.4″ long. 

Included in purchase – Tiny Nugget QT flashlight, box, lubrication square, plus extras

Note – Battery, while necessary for function, is NOT included.

For instructions on how to use the Tiny Nugget QT, click here


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