QT-SS 18650

A stainless steel body combined with our patented engine makes for one tough flashlight.


This light will get hot if left on direct drive for long periods of time. 


A fully adjustable solid state flashlight with no soldered wires, no potted electronics, no drivers, and no planned obsolescence.

Product details

Body Material – Stainless Steel 303

Coating – None

Bezel Diameter – 1.235″

Waterproof – Yes

Emitter – Luminus SST20

Optic – Carclo 26.5mm

Battery Type – 18650

Measurements are as follows:

Total Length – 4.2″

        Weight without battery – 7.5 oz

Included in purchase – flashlight, wooden box, lubrication square, extra piece of smart material.

Note – Battery, while necessary for function, is NOT included. 

For instructions on how to use the QT-SS, please click here.

Both protected and unprotected cells can be used as long as the battery is sticking 1/8″ above the lip. When pushing the battery down in the tube, it should start 1/8″ from the lip of the tube at the tallest point. Any taller that 1/8″ may cause serious damage to the battery. 

Spare Parts


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