Frequently Asked Questions

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When will this be shipped?

We try to ship out orders as quickly as the two of us can get them packed up, but shipping services are still backed up. Please allow up to five business days for your order to be scanned into a postal system. 

Why is my light flickering?

It’s easy to achieve various levels of brightness with an electronic driver, but a bit more difficult when the mechanism is purely mechanical. Because of this, it’s normal for there to be a bit of subtle flickering while the light is still in the ‘break in’ period. 

The instructions say something about lubricant and I lost mine.

Not a problem – we recommend using a TINY DAB of an oil called Break Free CLP® to wipe down the threads and the top of the battery tube. Silicone grease can be used on the o-rings as well. 

I hate the LED emitter in the light, can I change it?

Absolutely! Follow this set of instructions to easily change out the included LED for any 16mm MCPCB on the market. 

1) Take the battery out of the battery tube.
2) Take the piston out of the engine and remove the QTC from the piston.
3) Put the piston back into the light with no QTC on it.
4) Screw the battery tube back in as tight as you can with no battery inside.
5) Make sure the LED pads are centered under the washer leads.
6) Get some needle nose pliers and tighten the nut over the negative lead.
7) Get an Allen wrench (size 5/64″) and tighten the machine screw over the positive lead.
8) Put the QTC back in your piston and the battery back in your battery tube. Now the light should ramp up in brightness until it gets to full brightness.

Are these really ‘made’ in the USA, or just ‘assembled’ in the USA?

We manufacture the parts for this light in Jonesboro, Arkansas, anodize and assemble them in Little Rock, Arkansas. They are, without a doubt, made in the United States of America. 

Why are you always out of stock?

Do you ship outside of the USA?